About us

Public Organization «Consumer Protection in Cyberspace» created as a voluntary association of cybersecurity professionals. The mission of the PO is to ensure the safety of the Internet user on websites. PO experts are also active in the field of international cybersecurity.

Main tasks:

  • creation of protective services for all consumers in cyberspace;
  • training Internet users in the basics of cybersecurity;
  • creating a safe environment for online consumers in national and global cyberspace;
  • development of proposals and measures to improve the field of cyber defense;
  • minimizing the possibilities of online fraud for our customers;
  • search for new technologies in global cyberspace;

Special offers:

  • identification of resources with illegal goods and services;
  • identification of resources with signs of aggression of the Russian Federation and other states or organizations against Ukraine.

We are aimed at identifying the challenges, risks and threats of cyber defense, disclose the nature of shadow sites, and are also aimed at identifying the facts and varieties of digital hybrid aggressions of putin's RF, so that our activity is a digital component of communication and content security (CCS).

The Public Organization «Consumer Protection in Cyberspace» presents the BezBid service platform, which actively collaborates with state and public organizations. We maintain a partnership with the Public Organization «Center of Communication and Content Security».

The synergetic partnership of our organizations – the Public Organization «Consumer Protection in Cyberspace» and the «Center of Communication and Content Security» – aims to introduce in the state and society an effective and substantive component of communication and content security – the cyberhygiene of the digital existence of a citizen, society, and the state in a globalized modernity. This approach is combined with the communication-content hygiene of perception, understanding and vision of modern civilization processes.